What is super-fatting Soap – A Full Breakdown

Soap - Handmade

Humans have been using soap dating back to 2800 BC. Fast forward to today, humans are still using soap, but there are still misconceptions surrounding soap making and in recent times, super-fatting. When we think of soap and super-fatting, a lot of unpleasant things come to mind if you have no knowledge of the subject, … Read more

Benefits Of Handmade Exotic Soap

Soap - Handmade

Homemade exotic soap is not your ordinary soap, and as defined by the dictionary, exotic means very different or unusual. There is a lot of misconception about exotic soap and the alarming majority of people are unaware of the benefits offered, by using them.  With that said, My responsibility now is to educate you on … Read more


Hi, I’m MazieT, founder of Tesure Organics and we believe in the power of nature. At Tesure Organics, we believe that beauty can be achieved using only natural and organic ingredients that you can eat. Yes! all our products are non-toxic and safe for babies TURNING PASSION INTO REALITY From a very young age, I … Read more