Brooklyn Botany Grapeseed Oil

Known for its rich phenolic compounds, and antioxidants, Brooklyn Botany Grapeseed oil has earned the title of “high demand” because of it versatile use on the skin, hair and face.

Guaranteed to deliver high-quality nutrients for the skin, hair nails, and face, the natural Grapeseed oil is it and more.

What Are the Benefits of Grapeseed Oil For Skincare

. Made from natural grape Seed, the oil promises 100% pure natural professional grade oil due to its rich compounds in vitamins and nutrients that nourish the skin.

Known for its anti aging and hydrating properties, the pure undiluted cold press goodness of grapeseed oil will help in maintaining youthful glowing skin.

Due to its moisturizing properties, the oil will gently and deeply penetrate the pores for increased hydration to soften dry skin and improve the appearance of wrinkles and clear dark circles.

Grapeseed Oil For Haircare

Packed in its arsenal of vitamin E, flavonoids, polyphenols, and linoleic acid, grapeseed oil promote healthy hair growth and scalp health.

This scalp-loving oil is also known for its anti-aging and moisturizing properties that will work ultimately keeping the scalp hydrated and strong, providing a good foundation for healthy hair to grow.

The natural aging process causes our scalp to naturally decrease its production of sebum,(an oily substance that helps with shine and health); but adding grapeseed oil will condition it from the inside out to add luster.

Massaging Oil For Therapy

Prided for its abundance of Vitamins and Minerals, grapeseed oil has been recognized worldwide due to its nutritional properties. 

Moreover, with its high levels of antioxidant enzymes, protection against oxidative damage in cells, and anti-atherosclerotic and anti-inflammatory effects, the oil has been popularized as a great massage treatment therapist.

The oil also contains high amounts of phenolic compounds including flavonoids, carotenoids, phenolic acids, tannins, and stilbenes.

It also has 59 – 30 mg of gallic acid and an equivalent in phenoland  believed to be in a wide range of biological activities but are mostly known for their antioxidant properties.

With a combination of its varied properties, grapeseed oil is ideal for aromatherapy, and foot, back, and neck massage, as its lightweight texture and absorbing effects makes it an ideal oil.

Grapeseed Oil As A Carrier Oil

With all its amazing properties it is only fitting that grapeseed oil is qualified to be used as a carrier oil in diluting an essential

oil prior to use on the skin.


  • Oil is packaged in a bottle appropriate for use without having to open it when in use as the convenient pump makes it easier for users.
  • Reasonably priced
  • The product is from a small brand so it’s more guaranteed to deliver on its natural ingredients when compared to commercial manufacturers.
  • You will benefit from a 32% in savings


Being a small brand manufacturer it can sometimes become difficult to source raw materials to meet demands.


Grapeseed oil is popular worldwide and is great for usage as an oil for hair care, and massage therapy, and can be used as a carrier oil for diluting essential oils. The oil also makes an excellent partner for your skincare needs.

With its high-quality nutrients, delivered from natural cold press ingredients, it maintained high levels of anti aging, hydrating, and moisturizing properties that penetrate deep into the pores leaving you with subtle youthful skin.

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