What Are Castor Plants Used For

Castor is a hardy plant that is easily grown, resistant to drought, and can tolerate different types of soils. The plants can yield up to about 350 to 900 kg of oil per hectare and is an important oil seed crop with great utilitarian value spanning manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and agricultural industries. Caster plant is … Read more

What Vitamins Are In Scotch Bonnet Peper

Scotch bonnet pepper is a capsicum chinense Jacquin cultivar that belongs to the Solanaceae family. They are considered the elite among peppers. They are a rich source of important vitamins, minerals, and nutrients which make them very beneficial to your health. Some health benefits associated with the consumption of peppers, and more importantly their therapeutic … Read more

Is Pumpkin Seeds Oil An Anti-Androgen

Pumpkins are known the world over for their culinary and medicinal uses. Residues of pumpkin is the seeds that oil is pressed from which is highly nutritional and has many culinary, cosmetics, and medicinal benefits. Pumpkin seeds oil is rich in various nutrients such as fatty acids, vitamins A, and E, carotenoids, phytosterols, and squalene. … Read more

Can Pumpkin Seeds Clean Arteries

The use of pumpkin seeds can significantly reduce glucose, glycated hemoglobin, cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL, VLDL, and, lipid peroxidation. Adding pumpkin seeds to your diet can lower the side effects of diabetes, and improve insulin levels, and overall health status. The seeds are considered to be effective as foods that can reduce blood glucose levels and … Read more

Is Fermented Noni Juice Good For You

From the leaves to the root, this superfood has been utilized to treat a variety of ailments such as diabetes, high blood pressure, aches, fevers, burns, arthritis, slowing down aging, and viral and bacterial infections. How much do you know about this fruit? Continue reading to find out whether fermented noni juice is good for … Read more

What Is Pumpkin In Jamaica

While it can be considered a vegetable, pumpkin is a large fruit from the Cucurbitaceae family and is native to North America. There are considerable varieties of fruit and their nutritional contents depend on the cultivated environment.  The health benefits of this versatile fruit include helping to reduce swelling, cooling down fever, helping with digestion, … Read more

What Is Arrowroot Used For

Due to the growing awareness of climate change Arrowroot has become one of the green chemistry and eco-friendly options of non-toxic and edible natural fibers. we will be expounding on what is arrowroot used for in this article. The natural fibers of the arrowroot are derived from the plant rhizomes and do not pose a … Read more

What To Do When Aloe is Flowering

Aloe is a genus spanning over 650 succulent flowering plants. Known mostly across the globe is the Aloe Vera species and is cultivated mostly as the standard source associated with pharmaceuticals. Most species have rose-shaped decorations, and large, thick, and fleshy leaves. This guide will discuss what to do when Aloe is flowering. Aloe Vera … Read more

A Full Breakdown Of Hibiscus -Rosa Sinensis

This plant is known globally for its bright and large petals and comes in a variety of colors, popularly known in Jamaica as shoeblack, and is prominently seen on almost every property.  In this article, we give a full breakdown of Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis and its many varied uses.  The hibiscus plant is grown worldwide … Read more

Does Vitamin C Shortens Cold Duration

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant with many health benefits which helps to strengthen the immune system and aid in lowering blood pressure. The powerhouse antioxidants are gained from eating fruits and vegetables as our bodies are not able to produce this essential vitamin. Vitamin C is believed to alleviate or prevent infections caused by … Read more