Sexual Health From A Religious Point of View

From a religious point of view, many people consider sexual intercourse taboo. Sexual health and wellbeing is not secular contrary to some beliefs and should not have a stereotypical connotation attached. However, not all religious leaders shy away from the topic of religion and sexuality, but instead openly and directly address the issues of sexuality … Read more

Benefits Of PVI And Other Sexual Activities

The potential benefits of sexual (penile-vaginal and other sexual activities) intercourse cause physical and mental health benefits, but are there risks associated with having sex? Having better psychological and physiological health is directly associated with penile and vaginal intercourse. The Potential Health Benefits And Risks Of Sex There are potential physical and mental health benefits … Read more

The Amazing Health Benefits of Papaya Seeds

Papaya is well-known for its amazing, nutritional, and medicinal properties throughout the world. The whole plant including its fruit, leaves, seed, root, bark, juice, and latex is used for nutrition, medicine, and various other health benefits. Papaya can treat tumors with its physiochemical anticancer activities. Papaya is rich in enzymes and whole papain which is … Read more

The Potential Health Benefits of Garlic

While it could be passed as just another kitchen spice, the potential health benefits of garlic contain therapeutic properties responsible for the prevention of acute diseases. Garlic has been around since ancient times when it was used to give foods increased aroma and flavor. It has excellent health-promoting benefits due to its bioactive compounds which … Read more

Benefits Of Guava – Leaves, Seeds and Peel

While it has been used in traditional medicine guava benefits are countless in treating ailments ranging from cancer prevention to therapeutic potential. A native to Latin America, guava is grown in many tropical and subtropical regions across the globe. What is Guava Guava is a popular tree that bears fruit rich in vitamins, fiber, and … Read more

Health Benefits of Thyme – A Full Breakdown

Thyme has several wonderful benefits which; include thymol and carvacrol which contains anti-inflammatory, respiratory, and neurological properties. Other health benefits of thyme are widely used to complement dietary or culinary uses and are also a friendly helper in the cosmetic industry. Thyme And Its Benefits Thyme is a perennial shrub with tiny green aromatic leaves … Read more

Health Benefits Of Sweet Potato Tubers And Leaves

The edible root tuber is long and tapered, with smooth skin, and colors ranging between yellow, orange, red, brown, purple, and beige. The health benefits of the sweet potato and its leaves have been touted as having high nutritional benefits. The plant was most likely spread by local people to the Caribbean, and South America … Read more

How Sugar Affects Living A Healthy Life

Consuming too much-added sugar is linked to high blood pressure, inflammation, weight gain, and fatty liver disease.  This article is geared at giving a breakdown of how sugar affects living a healthy life. One drink per day of a sugar-sweetened beverage, over time, can amount to a tremendous amount of sugar entering the body. How … Read more

Benefits of Honey for Health Care And Medicine

Honey is celebrated as one of the most appreciated and prized natural products that have been introduced to humankind. The existence of this sweet-savory treat has been around since ancient times and is used not only for nutrition, but also in health care as a traditional medicine, and an alternative treatment for conditions ranging from … Read more

Rosemary Benefits And Side Effects

Rosemary leaves and flowering tops are used as spice and flavoring dishes and are also used in the preparation of vegetables. The extract of Rosemary is known to have antioxidant properties which benefit the use of baking, beverages, and savory foods for retarding rancidity in fats and oils, preventing degradation. The increased interest in Rosemary … Read more